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A good editor is to an author what a good producer is to an aspiring musician...they take the raw unpolished "hook" a creator has in their mind and polish it into a finished product people can't help but notice. Barbara does this with writing. She draws out and polishes the "hook" without killing a writers voice or narrative. She knows how to deliver constrictive criticism that might slay an author's ego a little, but in the end you'll admit that she's right. Because she usually is. People love my Amber Eckart series, and she's at least half the reason why.

Hands down, a great editor is a writer’s best resource.  
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Luck has it that I found an editor who is a language genius, the likes of which I haven’t seen in years! Seriously, if Jeopardy! wanted to rematch Ken Jennings with some new challengers, my editor should top the list! She knows about grammar and tense switches, but also about the very origin and roots of words. Easy, you might say, but being the creative writing type, that kind of thing intrigues me because I don’t often bog myself down with the exact reason why strait-laced is spelled the way it is and the fact that it ties back to the language of corsets and so forth. [If you don’t like puns, well, too bad, because I practically live for them!] Bottom line, I’m so grateful that I managed to find someone knowledgeable and careful to handle my manuscript(s). Hands down, a great editor is a writer’s best resource to take care of and “raise” their manuscript to the next level. Or more simply put, an editor is one of the most important people in the Village needed to raise my “baby.”

If I could give her more than five stars, I would!  
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My books wouldn't be half of what they would be without Barbara's touch. Her comments in her edits are witty, fun, and most importantly informational! She takes the pain out of the editing process and is a wealth of knowledge on more than just grammar and punctuation. Every once in a while, she throws in some hidden fact-checking gems that keep me from making horribly ignorant mistakes. I can't praise her skills enough. All of this and she's reasonably priced, too!

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This book is the perfect example of Self Publishing done correctly. There were very few typos (I’ve seen more on books that have gone through a publisher) and the grammar is absolutely spot on. Unless the typos/spelling and grammar are particularly bad I tend to easily overlook that if the story is good enough anyway. (But it wasn’t an issue with this book.)


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