Services Offered

I offer proofreading, line-editing, and fact-checking services. For both my proofreading and line-editing, I use “Track Changes” so that you can compare what I’ve done with what you originally had and can accept or decline any changes I make or suggest. I use sidebar comments to explain or expand on corrections, or to make suggestions.


Proofreading is making sure that your manuscript is technically correct. It does not address style or content.

I will correct spelling, punctuation, basic grammar, paragraphing, and vocabulary (if a word is definitely the wrong word). In proofreading, I will not address plotholes, inconsistencies or discrepencies in plot or characterization, story flow, or stylistic issues. I may make a note of factual inaccuracies or suggest a vocabulary change if a word isn’t quite wrong, but isn’t quite the right one either. Proofreading should be one of the last things done before formatting.

This is what proofreading looks like:

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My rate for basic proofreading is $0.75 per page, using a standard format.


Line-editing is far more comprehensive; it’s polishing not only the technical aspects, but also the overall storytelling.

In line-editing, I’ll point out inconsistencies or discrepencies in the plot or in characterization, plotholes, and factual inaccuracies, and suggest a solution; suggest changes to sentence, paragraph, or chapter order or structure to improve the flow of the story; suggest vocabulary changes if a word is okay, but not the best one; and point out awkward or confusing writing. Line-editing also includes basic proofreading, but if the manuscript is revised after I return it, the new sections may not be completely correct anymore. I will re-proofread the new sections at a reduced rate. Line-editing should be done when you still have time to make revisions before your publishing deadline.

This is what line-editing looks like:

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My rate for line-editing is $2.00 per page, using a standard format to establish page count.

Fact-Checking and Research

Fact-checking and research is doing research to establish the factual accuracy of something in the story.

When I fact-check, I will provide citations, wherever possible from a source other than Wikipedia. I may research online, in dead-tree sources, or ask people knowledgeable in the field.

This is what fact-checking looks like:

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My rate for fact-checking or research is $15.00 per hour in whole hour increments, for the whole manuscript. (That is, if I spend 15 minutes on one thing, I would charge $15.00. If I fact-check 6 things in the manuscript, and it takes me a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes to do all six, I’ll charge for 3 hours, or $45.00.)