An editor is to an author what a producer is to a musician - and like books, what consumers often think is good songwriting is actually good production. The same is true for authors.

The second thing to remember is that for independent writers good editors are hard to come by; scammers and incompetents abound. Worse, an author's editor has to be somebody who can tell the wordsmith "this sucks" in a way that will both get the point across and not make the author want to give up - and this is not easy. Again, that big author-ego comes with a price tag.

- Eric Plume


Barbara knows her grammar backwards and forwards, plus numerous little details about various words in between! She says she may not like your genre, but I can tell you she definitely gets to know your characters.
Karen Renee
My books wouldn't be half of what they would be without Barbara's touch. Her comments in her edits are witty, fun, and most importantly informational! She takes the pain out of the editing process and is a wealth of knowledge on more than just grammar and punctuation.
A.J. Downey
She draws out and polishes the "hook" without killing a writers voice or narrative. She knows how to deliver constrictive criticism that might slay an author's ego a little, but in the end you'll admit that she's right.
Eric Plume